#MiniSiddique Master Class

A lots of people have asked me to provide more information about upcoming #MiniSiddique Master Class. So, I thought I should write a post with all the details about the course. Since the course is Online, so anyone can participate in this course. BTW, I myself have signed up for this course and am looking for some awesome time ahead. As a bonus you will find $800 discount coupon at the end of this post.

Course description

#MiniSiddique Masterclass is Ideal for those:

  • Who wants to learn consistently from thought leaders from their professional life experience in their field.
  • Who wants the access to top-notch un-advertised professional careers
  • Get to know the company’s work environment BEFORE even applying for the career and AVOID pitfalls after joining the job.
  • Who wants to get known in their professional career
    • Business owners, Who want to establish network of their ideal joint venture partners or clients
    • Startups, who are seeking in building relationships with Venture Capitalists(VCs)
    • Entrepreneurs, who are seeking to become serial entrepreneurs.
    • Students, who want to professional network with seniors anywhere in the world which could lead to their professional learning and professional careers.
  • Who is interested in leaving a legacy and help others while achieving success for themselves.
  • Who are interested in creating a positive influence and get known in the marketplace.
  • Who are interested in learning to earn more than their peers and command more fees.

Class schedule:

Class start date: Monday, January 8, 2018
Class end date: Monday, January 28, 2018
Frequency: 5 Days per week
Duration: 50 minutes Each Session
Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday,Saturday, Sunday
Number of Classes: 15
Last Live Class Date: January 28, 2018

Class is delivered by:

Muhammad Siddique
Tcat Houser
Mohammad Bashir

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