Canada offering Soft Visa for Pakistani Tech Startups

Canadian Government has announced in partnership with the Accelerator Center based in Toronto-Waterloo region to grant 52 weeks work permit or a permanent residence to Pakistani Tech Startups to come to Canada and work with world’s best companies side-by-side to gain professional experience at the International level. They will learn how to grow their business internationally and bigger. This will help Pakistani Tech startups to take their fair share from the Global Economy especially online business that already is a billions of dollars market.

On behalf of all Pakistani’s we salute and are thankful to the Canadian Government and all who made this happen to believe in Pakistani talent and what they can do to contribute towards the global economy.

Here is the original announcement by the Tribune Pakistan:

This is a great step towards strengthening CAN/PAK bilateral relationships and realizing phenomenal business entrepreneur potential. In 52 weeks established Pakistani enterprises will gain first-hand insight into how the business is done internationally and how Pakistani businesses can be expanded beyond Pakistan. This will bring tons of foreign exchange into Pakistan that will nourish the economy and youth will find new job opportunities within the growing businesses.
Let’s always think positive, like Half Glass Full, not Half Glass Empty. I am sure this effort will help Pakistani entrepreneurs to be in line with any other International business.
I would request all Pakistani Entrepreneur to be in Karachi on February 19 and 20 2018 and check out what Facebook, Amazon Web Services, IBM, Microsoft and several other representatives have for you in terms of mentoring and supporting Pakistani entrepreneurs and start-ups professionally and financially.
Best of luck and cheers!

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